Opening Conference 2021

The opening conference 2021 will take place on Monday October 4 at the SwissTech Convention Center and will also be live streamed on our website. More information to come.

Opening Conference 2020

We had the pleasure of welcoming Edouard Bugnion, our Vice-President for Information Systems, to open the week of the Forum EPFL 2020.

The lecture “Flying away from EPFL”, given in French, was followed by the EPFL public at the SwissTech Convention Center.

Opening Conference 2019

On Monday October 7, 2019, the Forum EPFL had the pleasure to welcome Yvan Bourgnon (second from the left, Navigator and initiator of the Manta – The SeaCleaners project), Raphaël Domjan (second from the right, Eco-adventurer, pilot and initiator of the SolarStratos project), Christophe Frei (very right, General Secretary of the Work Energy Council) and Davor Kosanic (very left, Tech4Impact EPFL project collaborator) in the SwissTech Convention Center for a fascinating conference on engineering and climate.

Opening Conference 2018

Last year’s speaker was the well-known jetpack pilot Yves Rossy (aka Jetman). Famous for his invention of a flying wing and impressive in-air stunts, he discussed determination and achieving personal goals with an audience of students, professors, company representatives, alumni and school officials.