Skills Week 1

The Skills Week of April took place on Zoom thanks to the great support of experts from EPFL Career Center. A conference “Crafting an effective CV” and workshops in order to correct your CV was available to you. Here are the slides:

Skills Week 2

Registration required

The Skills Week of September will take place from 28th September to 2nd October 2020 at the Rolex Learning Center. For a week, you will have the opportunity to meet with experts from the largest swiss universities and multinational companies. They will be available to review and correct your CV and motivation letter.
To complete these, official documents, career counsels, speech exercises and professional photo-shoots, will be organised. Finally, you will be able to take part in simulated job interviews.

Participation is free, but you must register through our website by following the procedure hereafter. Please note that places are limited.


Registration process

  • 1. Be either completing your Bachelor (3rd year), your Master or PhD.
  • 2. Create your profile.
  • 3. Upload your CV (no longer than two pages).
  • 4. Wait for verification by Forum EPFL: you will then receive an email.
  • 5. Register to our services by connecting on your profile and by clicking on “Services” > “Collective Services” (for the April Skills Week) or on”Services” > “Individual Services” (for the October Skills Week).

Revision of CV and letters of motivation

Registration required

Experts will offer you their advice to help both your CV and letter of motivation have a greater impact. The latter is often underrated by students. However, it is sometimes more important than the CV, allowing you to stand out from your competitors. The correction of both these documents will be given as a 30-minute private meeting with an expert, in French or English (language must be chosen in your registration).

Job Interview Simulations

Registration required


Interview simulation workshops are coming back this year at EPFL.
During the first week of October, students will be able to be interviewed by an external expert. Members of EPFL’s Career Center will observe the 30-minute performance and give a direct feedback after the simulated interview. The language of the interview (French or English) must be chosen in your registration.
Experience has shown that preparation of this fake interview, as well as being rated in a realistic environment by an expert is hugely valuable for students. It allows you to strengthen both your oral communication skills and self-confidence.

Professional photo shoot

Friday the 2nd of October and Monday the 5th of October, you will have the opportunity to come and make a professional photo that you can join to your official documents. Take this opportunity to add value to your resume! Photoshoots will take place on 2nd of October in the Rolex Learning Center and on 5th October at the SwissTech Convention Center.


Career Counseling

Registration required


A diploma does not open a unique door to the vast world of employment. There are many accessible careers after graduating from EPFL. In order to discuss these multiple opportunities, you will have the possibility to meet with career counselors who will help you find the best professional path possible according to your skills and desires. These services will be given from 28th September to 5th October.

Improve your elevator pitch

Registration required


An elevator pitch is an oral communication exercise during which you present and sell yourself in front of a potential employer in a limited time. Specialists of this particular performance will come and listen to the one you drafted beforehand and will help you improve it so you can use it during your real job interview(s). These services will be given from 28th September to 5th October.