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What is the Forum EPFL?

The Forum EPFL is Europe’s largest recruitment fair: more than 210 companies and 120 start-ups come to meet EPFL students, graduates and doctoral candidates every year. For the past 39 editions, the Forum EPFL Committee has been doing everything possible to facilitate the professional integration of EPFL students into the working world.

Who organizes the Forum EPFL?

The Forum EPFL is organized each year by a committee of 20 volunteer students, which is joined by 7 additional joint committee members close to the Forum EPFL week.

What does the Forum EPFL organize?

Every year, the Forum EPFL provides a week-long opportunity for EPFL students, graduates and doctoral candidates to meet with nearly 210 companies and 120 start-ups. The aim of this week of meetings is to enable them to establish close contact with potential future employers and thus facilitate their professional integration.

In addition to the Forum week, several events are organized during the year, such as the Skills Weeks, which aims to prepare students for different recruitment processes, through conferences, workshops and more. Besides that, to expose innovation and entrepreneurship to students, the Forum EPFL organizes the Innovation Night, which addresses various inspiring and hot topics.

For whom is the Forum EPFL week organized?

The Forum EPFL Week is primarily for the benefit of EPFL students, graduates and doctoral candidates in their search for a job or an internship.

What is the Forum EPFL week?

The Forum EPFL week starts with the Forum Get Ready. This is the last chance for students to prepare for the meeting with companies. Last minute CV photos, CV correction sessions, sophrology workshop, etc. are on the agenda. The day ends with the traditional Opening Conference.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, companies have the opportunity to give presentations.

Tuesday is the day dedicated to start-ups: the Start-up Day is a real condensed Forum, which aims to bring together various actors of the entrepreneurial universe and to introduce EPFL students to new horizons. This day ends with the Eloquence Contest.

Wednesday is the NGO & IGO Day.

Thursday and Friday are the stands days, during which companies come to meet EPFL students directly. In addition, there are workshops, interview rooms and lunch meetings, to offer the students multiple opportunities for being recruited.

How is the Forum EPFL committed to the environment?

The members of our committee are committed to making our Forum a sustainable and responsible event. To this end, numerous actions are undertaken throughout the year and during the Forum week. In addition, our partnership with Swiss Climate allows us to ensure a carbon neutral event.

To learn more about our commitment, you can visit our Responsible Forum page.

I would like to get in touch with the Forum EPFL, who should I contact?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to help you. You can reach out to us via email at forum@epfl.ch or on our social media (Instagram: @forumepfl, Facebook: Forum EPFL).

Practical Information

Where can I find the list of the companies and start-ups attending this year's edition of the Forum EPFL?

The list of the companies and start-ups attending this year’s edition of the Forum EPFL can be find here.

Where can I find the program of the week?

The complete program of the week is available here.

Who can come to the Forum EPFL week?

The whole week is free access.

Company presentations and stands visits are open to all. Company workshops, interview boxes and contact luncheons are organized upon registration or upon prior contact between the student and the company via student accounts on our platform.

How to get to the Forum EPFL week?

The Forum EPFL takes place during one week at the SwissTech Convention Center, on the EPFL campus. It is accessible from the center of Lausanne or from the Renens train station, by taking the M1 metro line, at the EPFL stop. More details are available on the page Access to the Forum EPFL.

How much does it cost to attend the show as a visitor?

Coming to the fair is free for visitors.

The services offered by the Forum EPFL to students, graduates and doctoral students are also free. Some of them, such as workshops, interviews and contact-luncheons only require a prior registration on our platform.

How can I be kept informed of the latest news about the Forum EPFL?

The latest information about the Forum EPFL is available on our website and on our Instagram page, @forumepfl.

Additionally, throughout the week, the EPFL community will be able to follow the latest Forum EPFL news directly on the EPFL Pocket Campus app.


How can I register to become a staff for the Forum EPFL week?

You can register to become staff on our intranet following this link: https://intranet.forum-epfl.ch.

You will only need to register using your GASPAR.

What are the advantages I can benefit from as a staff for the Forum EPFL week?

For each staffing shift you will be completing, you will be offered a HolyCow ! or Tap Voucher and you will be given a goodies bag.

From 5 hours of shift on, you will be offered your ticket for the annual Gala of the Forum EPFL.

What are the staffing positions offered by the Forum EPFL?

For the Forum EPFL week, we are hiring for the following positions:

  • Reception desk (mastering English is necessary)
  • Logistics
  • Godfather/Godmother (mastering English is necessary)
  • Catering
  • Satisfaction Survey (mastering English is necessary)

Is there a dress code to follow as a staff?

Yes, there is! Depending on the staff positions, the dress code to follow is the following:

  • Reception desk & Godfather/Godmother & Satisfaction Survey: suit
  • Catering: white shirt and black pants
  • Logistics: comfortable clothing


I want to come to the Forum EPFL week as a company, what should I do?

Registration for the companies for this year’s edition of the Forum EPFL is now closed.

I want to come to the Forum EPFL week as a start-up, what should I do?

Registration for the companies for this year’s edition of the Forum EPFL is now closed.

I want to go to the Forum EPFL week as a student, what should I do?

With the current COVID situation, the entry to the SwissTech Convention Center is allowed upon presentation of a valid COVID certificate, along with an ID.

However, to make the most out of the Forum EPFL week as a student, it is recommended that you have a validated account on our platform. You will then be able to register for this edition of the Forum and take advantage of all the services offered to you, in particular
uploading your CV to our CV library will allow you to gain visibility among the companies taking part in the Forum EPFL.

Pay attention, the registration must be renewed every year.

What services are available to me as a company?

Once registered, companies can take advantage of many services. First of all, they have access to the CV library, which collects thousands of CVs from EPFL students.

In addition, companies can choose to organize presentations, workshops and on Thursday and Friday, hold a stand to meet directly with students, or even organize interviews or contact-luncheons.

All companies registered for the current edition of the Forum EPFL are entitled to a double-page presentation in our Companies Book, printed thousands of copies and distributed to visitors.

You will find more details and rates in our Companies Salesbook.

What services are offered to me as a start-up?

With a preferential rate, start-ups benefit from a stand during the now traditional Start-Up Day, on Tuesday which is dedicated to them.

Every start-up participating in this event will be entitled to a double-page presentation in our Start-Ups Book, printed in more than a thousand copies and distributed to visitors.

You can find more information in our Start-Ups Salesbook.

What services are available to me as a student?

As a student, all the services you can benefit from are free. Once you have registered on our platform, you have access to all our events throughout the year and also during the Forum EPFL week. You will be able to participate in the two Skills Weeks, during which conferences to prepare you for your job search, CV correction workshops, interview preparation, professional photography, etc. will be offered.

During the Forum EPFL week, you will be able to participate in numerous workshops, company presentations, lunches and interviews, directly with the companies.

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