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Preparation for the Forum EPFL

The Forum EPFL represents an essential exchange platform between professionals and future graduates. It is an ideal occasion to benefit from firsthand information and come in contact with HR collaborators or managers. The companies are there to position themselves as attractive employers, but also to meet potential candidates and execute preselections. To make the best of the Forum EPFL, you must prepare yourself for it.


The first step is to determine your professional objective. It will allow you to define the sector and type of company you are interested in, as well as the position you wish to occupy.

You should then select about 15 companies, which interest you and analyze them in depth: types of products, services, markets, company culture, jobs represented, etc. Know their website, in particular the “career” and “product services” rubrics. In these you will find a trove of information. The idea is to demonstrate to your interviewer that you have thought thoroughly about your future career, that you know exactly what you want and that his/her company particularly interests you with regards to your professional goals.

Prepare to introduce your professional and academic journey in a few sentences: academic profile, achievements, professional project, and personality. Be proactive and be professional.

List some questions you find particularly important. These can be about the company’s activities, its development projects, the challenges it encounters daily, the profiles it is looking for, the career opportunities it proposes to young graduates, the possibilities in continuous formation it offers to its collaborators, the handling and integration of “new recruits”, etc. Remember to adapt your questions to the interviewer (specialist or HR manager), the relevance of the latter will greatly influence the impression you will leave of them.

Create a complete application file for yourself and have a sufficient amount of copies with you. If you do not have all the required documents, have them brought to the person who asked for them in the following days, without forgetting their coordinates! Do not forget to thank your interviewers for their time and information they have given to you. Be energetic and proactive. If some companies have particularly interested you, do not hesitate to share your contacting details.


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